To be the renowned real estate company in Africa.

Our Services

Real Estate Consultancy

Beyond making sales, we hold as priority the growth of our clients in industry knowledge and various market dynamics of real estate in making the best acquisition.

Hence, we continuously engage and keep our numerous clients abreast with relevant and timely industry knowledge, with in-depth analysis and insight on how to make the best deal in property business.

Our team of passionate and professional experts is on ground to guide you from the beginning of any real estate intentions, or idea to help you through a successful acquisition of any property, no matter your budget.

Property Development

We develop high quality properties or refurbishment of your buildings to meet your unique needs.

Where ever you come in, whether as an investor, occupier, private individual, or in the public sector, our range of services is able to meet your specific objective, which include enhancing the value of the property, design specification, ease of use, access, safety, high-quality residential or commercial buildings etc.

By offering buildings customized to your needs, we also pride ourselves in rendering services that covers every phase of your development project, which could include consultation, to administrative, legal, financial, technical and commercial aspects leading to delivery.


As an organization, we are always in the journey of looking for new and better ways of satisfying our clients. Therefore, helping our clients in various capacities and portfolio with their real estate and commercial brokerage needs is a major win for us.

Our excitement is to go the extra mile to deeply understand our client’s needs, and then apply our competence, experience and market insight to meet their objectives.

Whatever category you fall into, whether you are a private individual, small business or established organization looking for the best deal, in terms of ideal production facility, or an investor looking for the right opportunity, our commercial brokerage professionals are passionate about helping you.

We offer expert advice in various real estate segment which include; office, retail, industrial warehouse, distribution, investment, hospitality business etc.

Property Management services

At Kfao Corporates, we are more interested in the way you could be, than the way you currently are. And we understand that by giving more value in property business, the more value will attract to ourselves. Hence, enhancing the profitability and long term value of your assets is our priority.

We help you to increase your financial performance and tenants’ satisfaction, by improving the management of your properties, putting into consideration the following; profitability of your investments, sustainability, long term value, reduction in your operational costs and enhancing the quality of work environments.

Investment Advisory

Our core business is to help our numerous clients succeed in real estate, hence are delighted and always hands-on to help our clients identify investments that meet their needs, supporting them through all phases of their transaction.

Our advisory support include performing due diligence, rendering technical advisory/property condition reports, feasibility and site selection studies, cash flow analytics and modeling (Argus), lease abstraction and analysis, purchase and sale negotiation, underwriting etc.

Through our Investment advisory, we help you optimize the potential of your assets above your expectations.

Property Documentation and Regularization

Property documentation beyond saving you a lot of headache of acquiring properties, it positions you for amazing benefits which include the following;

  • Your property becomes means of collateral to secure a loan.
  • Allows for easy transferability and alienation.
  • Having a genuine documents in real estate stands you a great chance of been adequately compensated in the event of any compulsory acquisition exercise  embarked upon by the government.
  • It helps to confirm your true ownership, and a sense of security that comes with it.

These and many more are the reasons why property documentation is one of our major agenda in real estate, as it concerns our clients.

“Our Vision is to be the renowned real estate company in Africa.”

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Our Mission is to consistently achieve the highest standards in delivering real estate services beyond our clients expectations, based on our superior insight, competence and timely response.