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KFAO Corporate Services – From Selling Real Estate to Changing Lives

June 05,2017 0comments

As the CEO of KFAO Corporate Services, Nigeria’s leading real estate company, even though I love to write about so many exciting experiences I encounter on a daily basis, I am most times not able to, because of the incredibly busy schedule due to the utmost attention I give to my numerous clients. I must quickly say here that, that aspect of the job is actually one of the most interesting for me, having to leave them happy is most definitely encouraging and fulfilling.

And in such days when I tried to pen down some of my numerous experiences, looking through my note, but none seems to excite me enough to write about. Then I decided to check my mail, to see if I could get ideas from some of their feedbacks, that was when I came across this particular mail from a client that inspires me whenever I recall the event.

It’s a testimony of one of our client at KFAO Corporate Services, so let me allow the client speak for herself, as I copy and paste her testimony below. Her words are italicized in quote.

“About a year ago, I met with our financial planner and she asked about our goals as a family. I said, “Youknow, we’ve raised a large family in Lagos. We love to travel, and we love to do fun things.I’d like to continue doing that, but I’m just not quite sure how we can once we stop working.In fact, we don’t know if we’ll ever be able to retire!”

“She sat down with all of our charts and said, “My suggestion is investing in shares, mutual funds, insurance, safebonds, pensions and the likes.” I looked at how much money our financial advisor wanted upfront and how little we’d actually receive in return. And we wouldn’treceive it until we were 90! This was not a workable plan.”

“Three weeks later I was at the gym jogging on the treadmill next to a friend who’s done a lot of real estate investing. I asked him howmany properties he had now and he said, “Fourteen,”I said, “Are you kidding? How did you do that? I mean, aren’t you afraid that it might not be the right timing or location or price or whatever?”

“No, I’m really not,” he replied. “I’ve been really successful at it with the help of my real estate agent, KFAO Corporate Services, a leading, but quiet real estate company in Nigeria”. (Trust me at this point, I almost choked in excitement of the impact we are making in property business, to have earn this perception from our client)

After the surge of excitement, I adjusted and continued reading the mail still in shock of what we are doing in people’s lives.

“Immediately I googled KFAO Corporate Services, read about what you guys do as a real estate agent, I loved it. And I felt like it was exactly what I’d been waiting for. Without wasting much time, I put a call through to your company and booked an appointment with your investment advisors.That singular call has changed my family fortune, and like they say the rest is history.”

“Since then we’ve made doubled our family’s initial wealth, while enjoying amazing investment opportunities in real estate. Also,I was introduced to top-notch, investment property providers, builders,lenders, and property managers – the very cream of the crop.”

“The biggest problem for us these days, is really what to choose because there are so many fantastic options with amazingprices. I’m still thrilled how you guys do it at KFAO Corporate Services”

“We now have several properties and are still purchasing more. I can sleep at night now knowing that we have done our duediligence.My husband and I feel really great about the properties that we’ve purchased and our financial future.”

“Thank you KFAO Corporate Services, thank you Ayodeji Finnih, what would we have done without you. You did not just sell real estate to us, you changed the story of my family forever. I will forever remain grateful!”

Now at this point, I noticed tears of joy dripping down my cheek, and it felt great. I don’t need to say much, but your decision today will determine your tomorrow, and I can confidently affirm that investment in real estate is the surest pathway to an amazing life tomorrow.

Life is not really about the information that come your way, but what you do with it per time that determine your life ultimately. Be wise!


“Our Vision is to be the renowned real estate company in Africa.”

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